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Janka Jagelkova MSc

Janka Jagelkova MSc



Graduated in 1963 at the Technical University, Faculty of Chemistry, Bratislava, specialising in technical microbiology and biochemistry. Achieved a PhD at the Medical Faculty University Košice and the Medical Faculty, Charles University, Prague. PhD thesis: NAD/NADH inhibitors creation in the coenzyme preparation as related to the effect of the clinical determination of LDH in human serum. PhD received in the year 1997.




Years 1963-1992:

—Employed at the pharmaceutical company IMUNA, Šarišské Michaľany as a technologist, before being made the production department head, responsible for applied research.

—Scope of work: Production and applied research of anti-tetanus serum vaccines on vitro diagnostics for the blood enzymes testing and the RM materials preparations for the clinical-biochemical laboratory efficiency testing, production and the solutions for kidney haemodialysis.

—Years 1992-1997:

—Employed at the State Institute for the Control of Drugs (SIDC)-Slovak Republic as a general inspector, as well as a specialised inspector for blood banks and the blood derivatives industry.

—Scope of work:
GMP inspection of the pharmaceutical industry/drug distribution establishments, preparation and proposals of documents for the state legislation on drug control and inspection, preparation of SIDC for PIC/S membership (writing documents, communication with PIC inspectorates, participation on PIC training/activities).

—Re- employed at SIDC since January 2003 as GMP Inspector

—Scope of work:
—Preparation of the scientific program and related documents for PIC/S meeting 2003 in Bratislava, including the training of GMP inspectors. Participation on the inspections executed by the EDQM/PIC/S and EMEA inspectors.

—Since July 2008 – retired again

1993 Training at FDA-USA for the state regulatory processes focused on the state control and inspection of the pharmaceutical manufacturing, especially biologics (blood, blood derivatives, vaccines and medical devices) inspections.