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Dr. Magdy Fahmy

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Magdy Fahmy
Dr. Magdy Fahmy holds a Pharm. D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences as well as an MBA in General Management. He benefits from over 25 years of Pharmaceutical experience in key regional positions.

Dr. Magdy’s career and wealth of experience grew in an immeasurable manner during his 12-year tenure as Sales & Marketing Director at Julphar Gulf Pharmaceutical Industries. He then took on the role of CEO of Planet Pharmacies before beginning his journey as CEO of LIFEPharma.

This is an individual who consistently demonstrates high levels of creativity and professionalism while excelling at people management. He possesses an excellent understanding of business dynamics and shows a strong business acumen. Dr. Magdy believes that motivation on a personal level is the best strategy to achieve the optimal results from each of his team members while he simultaneously maintains a macro-view of the business strategy and long term vision.

Dr. Magdy is an achiever by nature and is relentless when it comes to accomplishing business objectives.

“We, at LIFEPharma, are conscious of the current regional and global healthcare needs. We are equally attuned to the responsibilities that the resulting opportunities confer. Working to meet these needs, as we serve our patients, is at the heart of our mission for the coming years.” a quote from Dr. Magdy Fahmy.