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What is the status of your pharmaceutical manufacturing facility? Whether it has been approved by the USFDA or EU authorities or not?

We have a facility which has been approved by the European authorities and an audit from USFDA is planned at the end of Q1 of 2018.

Do you have a Healthcare Research and Development division?

We are building a Research and Development division which will be ready in next 6-8 months.

What is the production capacity of your facility and what are your manufacturing capabilities?

We have a production capacity of 1 billion tablets, 300 million capsules and 150 million liquid syrup/suspension. We primarily manufacture the Oral Solid Dosage forms. Additionally, we are also making a line of Ointments available in the coming months.

When will you open your Oncology Formulation facility in KIZAD?

By the end of 2018.

What is your product profile?

Our product profile covers a vast range of generic drugs and therapeutic Areas.

When will new products be available?

New pharmaceutical products are already in the pipeline and approximately 15 molecules will be produced within the next 8 months.

Do you produce ER/SR/ER/GR products or not?

We produce all of these generic drugs.

How competitive are you compared to other generic drug manufacturers?

We are competitive and can match other companies who believe in providing world class products.

What is your vision -- Global or regional?


Do you have marketing set up in other countries or not?

We have a complete marketing set up in UAE and will gradually develop other regions in the coming years.

Which are the markets where you sell the products?

We are already present in Middle East and North Africa region (MENA) and will be starting to sell in Europe and the Southeast Asia region (SEA) within the calendar year.