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Jebel Ali, Dubai

Jebel Ali, Dubai


Jebel Ali Free Zone

LIFEPharma currently has a manufacturing facility in the Jebel Ali Free Zone that it acquired in 2011. Closed for more than 3 years, LIFEPharma has been responsible for its renovation, upgrade and renewal of registration.

When the facility was purchased it had a capacity of 300 million tablets, 50 million capsules and 15 million liquids, but this was not good enough to satisfy larger international markets that require much larger quantities to be produced. By upgrading the facility with American and European technology, LIFEPharma has increased its capacity to 1 billion tablets, 300 million capsules and 30 million liquids.

Equipment in the Plant and Lab

S.No Type of Equipment Capacity Manufacturer
1 Rapid Mixer Granulator 150 Ltr,  Sainath
2 Fluid Bed Drier 150 Ltr,  Alliance
3 Container Blenders 110Ltr, 310Ltr,  750Ltr, Tapasya
4 Compression Machine 20 Station, 27 station, 45 Station  Cadmach
5 Coating Machine 36 inch  Ganscota
6 Blister Pack Machine 1 Million per shift (2 Numbers)  Pam Pac
7 Encapsulation Machine 40,000 capsules per hour  Pam
8 Liquid Filling Machine 100 bottles per minute Rotofil
9 Manufacturing Tanks 5000L, 3000L, 2000L, 300L Anish Pharma
10 Rapid Mixer Granulator 800 Ltr,  Tapasya
11 Fluid Bed Equipment 500 Ltr,  ACG
12 Compression Machine 30 Station (B tooling)  53 Station (D Tooling)  GEA
13 Coating Machine 60 inch,  ACG
14 Roll compactor 420kg/hour Alexanderwerk
Equipment – Second Floor
15 Rapid Mixer Granulator 150 Ltr., 800 Ltr,  Tapasya
16 Fluid Bed Equipment 125Ltr., 500 Ltr,  ACG
17 Compression Machine 30 Station (B tooling),  53 Station (D Tooling)  GEA
18 Coating Machine 24/36inch, 48inch, 60 inch,  ACG
19 Blister Packing Lines Maximum 400 blisters per minute(3 Numbers) Hoonga
20 Bottle Filling Machine 100 bottle per minute CVC